Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Move to Auckland


Well we have finally made it to the big smoke and are finally in a house. We are renting in Bucklands Beach for 1 year and will see what the property market is like then.

We ended up staying in a motel for 2 months. It was very frustrating as we couldn't enrol the kids in school or kindy until we had a residential address. And two months in a two bedroom motel unit with 3 kids with no friends and no school was getting hard work.

We got a phone call one Friday afternoon at 2:30 to say we had this house and the girls were enrolled by 3:15!

They were really please to finally be going to school although a little nervous as they knew no one. They have settled and are at Pigeon Mountain Primary and really enjoying it. It is very different from Columba with over 500 kids and culottes and polo shirts as the uniform. School is only 2km from home so we can walk and are still home before we would have been before.

DSC03714 Enjoying the view on a lovely Auckland evening. This is the girls school uniform.

DSC03738 DSC03742

DSC03734 DSC03736DSC03739 DSC03740 Well here are a couple of photos. The great view, a couple of the lounge, will take a couple more with new lounge suite soon, and our kitchen, check out the view from my kitchen window. Only problem with the view is Pete can see his work. No escape for some!

Dylan is loving kindy and has settled in so well. He has made a couple of friends and always seems to meet someone he knows at school (usually girls!). We seem to have a lot of Prey Mantis around here and end up with lots of 'pets'.

Dylan is at Bucklands Beach kindy. Here are some photos of his first day. He is drawing a picture of the Howick information centre for the lady there. He had made friends with here while I was using their Internet and she asked if he would paint a picture for her to put up in the window.

DSC03730 DSC03731 DSC03733 DSC03732

Well not a lot more to tell, we are still looking for a church home, we are loving the weather, even when it does rain it is still not freezing!

I will try and keep this blog updated although it will be mainly for my Stampin' Up! updates. If you want to be advised when I add new posts then add your e-mail to the email link at the side and you will automatically get an update.

Hope all is well with everyone, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend in Christchurch visiting my mum (Mothers day weekend). If you know mums phone number feel free to call.

Have a great day


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Karen M said...

Hi Lou, blog looks great & good luck with your first workshop. Neat to see your photos too. Enjoy Chch and seeing your Mum. Will phone you soon for a catch up.


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