Thursday, December 17, 2009

Class Christmas Gifts

I have a wonderful love hate relationship with Christmas. I love the celebration and festivities and of course all the craft that I get to do…But I do wonder why I do it to myself.

This year my project was Snowman Soup. I love this idea. into a bag just put some hot chocolate, marshmallows and a candy cane, add a little poem and Christmas magic and you have snowman soup or in my case 120 of them!!!

I had 95 to do for my kids class mates and have given some to the school office ladies and the girls at lunch the other day too, just couldn’t resist.



This is usually an American thing and of course their Christmas is in the Winter so a hot chocolate is a fab idea but I couldn’t resist doing them they are so cute and the kids and parents thought they were great. i thought the freeze dried snowballs were a nice touch and they took hours to freeze like that!!

Happy Stampin’



KarenR said...

Cool (or should that be hot) idea - what a mammoth task - well done

Paula said...

What a fantastic (and humungous!!) job you have done. Isnt it wonderful when you can make soooo many people happy all at once?! Well done!


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